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COVID-19 Policies
What type of anesthesia is provided?

We specialize in a variety of Anesthesia techniques, depending on the type of surgery, including conscious "twilight" sedation, general anesthesia, and regional anesthesia.


Pre-procedure screening?

Before scheduling your procedure the office manager will ask you about your symptoms. As per NY State law all patients will be tested for COVID-19 before scheduled procedure date. 

What if I had COVID-19?

For patients with active infection we will postpone elective procedures until after you have been fever free for 10 days and been re-tested with a negative result. All patients receive a comprehensive Pre-Anesthesia Evaluation to ensure they have fully recovered before surgery.

How long is recovery from anesthesia?

Patients wake up within minutes of the end of surgery. Your recovery lasts between 20 minutes to 1 hour. All patients need an escort to drive them home.


Do you have adequate PPE? 

All staff are utilizing Personal Protective Equipment including masks with faceshields. This is to protect the patients. We ask patients and family to wear masks as well, and wash their hands using provided sanitizers before entering the office.

New York State Guidelines

Our offices are following recommended guidance from public health authorities, including the CDC and WHO. Patient's will be screened for fevers at the door. Exam, procedure, and recovery rooms are sanitized between patient visits. In addition to PPE, and hand washing we allow adequate space for distancing you from other patients, and time appointments apart to minimize waiting times.


Facility guidance 

The Anesthesiologists in our group work very closely with your Surgeon to ensure your safety and comfort. You can feel confident about scheduling your surgery in our safe and boutique environment. If there are any questions about our policies, please reach out to us on the Contacts Page.  We are happy to accomodate private appointments and special requests for our patients.

Day of Surgery
  • Do not eat or drink anything for 6 hours prior to surgery.

  • Take any regular medications (high blood pressure, antibiotics, etc.) with a small glass of water on the morning of surgery.

  • Arrange to have an escort or family member accompany you home after surgery.

  • We advise you to wear glasses and not contacts on the day of your surgery.

  • Please remove all facial piercings prior to your surgery. 

  • Should you develop a cold, sore throat, or flu-like symptoms, please contact our office before arriving to the office.

  • All patients have a thorough pre-operative examination before General Anesthesia where we explain the plan and answer your questions.


Our prices are transparent, please ask billing questions before day of surgery. We bill insurance when provided with Insurance information. We accept credit card payments for procedures not covered by insurance.

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